Expertise & experience

We are used to operating and selling at the highest levels and our experience, networks and pedigree means that we can speak to people that few others can reach. Not only are we taken seriously where it really matters but also, we can secure contracts and deals that might seem out of reach to you at present.

We are business development specialists first and foremost, so we understand the commercial realities that matter to business leaders, and so we can help businesses like yours to find the right strategies and processes to help your teams work more efficiently, effectively and more collaboratively. 

That's where where our experience and expertise comes in come in.

The CBC family of companies

We own and operate several specialist companies, all of which help our customers to find the right people, opportunities and tools to grow their businesses.


The Lutine Group

Developing sustainable, resourceful futures.

The Lutine Group identifies and creates new opportunities for the resources sector and delivers major environmental, recycling and waste management projects. 

The Lutine Group Website.

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Canis Nero

Enabling the right conversations

Experts in finding and opening the right doors, so you can talk to the right people, at the right time.

Canis Nero Website

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CBC Software Services

Software at work

CBC Software Services helps to solve major business challenges by finding and developing the right digital tools for your company.

CBC Software website


The Team

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David Wybourne


Tim LeRoy

Director of Strategy & Communication

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Leanne Collins

Client Services Manager

Penny Thomas

Events Manager

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