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Case Studies

We can help you to build a valuable and growing company

We work discreetly in partnership with our clients, often directly embedded within their teams, so that structural and strategic challenges are never revealed to their customers or competitors.

We can supply named references and examples upon request, but here are some real examples of issues we’ve helped companies to overcome in recent years.

The Corporate Software Platform Provider

Product & Service: Software - Content & Digital Asset Management Platform

Customer Sector: Enterprise, Blue-Chip & FTSE100 companies

Their challenges: A lack of sales & marketing structure, methodology, reporting, collateral and a reliance on ad hoc chance referrals.

Our solution: Planning and development of a commercially viable sales function, and the design and deployment of a suite of digital tools including a new website, case studies and online demos. We also 'productized' their complex service offering, transforming their proposition and making it possible for distributors to sell on their behalf. We established a fully-functioning and proactive distribution network of 40+ resellers.

The outcomes: A robust and trackable lead generation programme that effectively identified, nurtured and sold new long-term contracts. Inside 12 months, the distribution network won four large new contracts with household name brands, increased annual turnover by 35%, and retained four flagship brands on new extended contracts.

The Enterprise Mobility Developers

Product & Service: Mobile & Digital transformation, App & software systems development.

Customer Sector: Civil Engineering, Travel, Transport, Logistics, Retail.

Their challenges: Ambitious growth plans aiming for merger or acquisition within five years, and a need to convert small contracts with current clients into bigger, more valuable retained services. They had no specific sales function or CRM, limited collateral, and a lack of sales experience in senior management.

Our solution: Establishment of a comprehensive Customer Relationship Management system and sales & marketing protocols, the continuous development of an extensive and prolific content marketing strategy, an ‘outreach’ programme for senior executives and engineers to meet and work with potential clients at specialist industry events.

The outcomes: A well-managed and effective database and business development team that successfully drove and converted a pipeline of genuine leads and prospects. A sharp (measured) increase in real engagement with technical articles, videos and blog posts that directly resulted in meetings with potential clients. Award-winning participation in technical campaigns that secured increased valuable contracts with current clients. Turnover increased by 150% in eighteen months.

The Hardware Suppliers

Product & Service: IT Hardware, Software and Managed Services

Customer Sector: Education, Research, Media, Defence.

Their challenges: Transformation of the company from a primarily B2C retail organisation to a specialist B2B IT solutions provider. They lacked experienced B2B sales & marketing leadership and the associated teams and processes to build and maintain sales growth.

Our solution: Full development of a B2B sales & marketing function, including the recruitment and training of a fifty-strong account management team, a detailed sales targets and reporting system, a long-term brand transformation programme across multiple sectors, the identification and strategic penetration of complex new markets.

The outcomes: The successful transformation of the company into a respected provider of specialist B2B IT hardware. The establishment of a robust and successful business development team that hit their sales targets for sixteen consecutive months, delivered year on year growth for 21 months, and increased B2B turnover by 150%. An award-winning content marketing strategy that measurably increased brand recognition in key target markets, and the the successful execution of specialist networking events and roadshows. These activities all lead to significant and valuable contracts with international defence corporations, education providers and media organisations that has become the cornerstone of the business today.

We can provide named references and testemonials on request, so please do contact us to see how we've helped companies like yours.