Working with investors and VCs

Have you invested in a business that is not fulfilling its potential?
Do you have equity or a financial interest in a company that is struggling?

Maximising your investment

We specialise in working with individuals and institutions who want to protect their investments and to help maximise the value of their shareholding with proactive assistance. We work with you to ensure that the company develops commercially viable long-term sales structures, competences and resilience, right through the business.

CBC Partners has over twenty years’ experience in successfully helping B2B companies to maximise their sales and marketing operations.  We have built and maintained high-growth, sales-focussed teams, in a variety of sectors from catering to recycling, with particular expertise in technology companies who provide either software or hardware solutions.

what are your concerns?

If your company is facing any of these challenges, we can help.

Are you concerned about the company’s ability to develop a robust and realistic pipeline of prospects, leads and to turn them into sales?

Is the company failing to hit their sales targets or are they struggling to convert interest into sales?

Do they lack experienced sales leadership, or a well-structured sales function? Do they lack the experience or credibility to reach and engage with real decision-makers and C-level management?

Do they need help clarifying their proposition, their potential market and their go to market plan?

Are you concerned that they don’t have a clear understanding of the work required to build and maintain a healthy sales funnel, or a clear understanding of the time it takes to develop a prospect to a sale?

Do they lack the sales and marketing collateral and digital presence to support and enable the sales strategy?

Do you need clarity to what your company’s progress should, and could, look like? Is the sales & marketing data and reporting failing to give you an accurate picture of their progress?

If the answer to one, some, or all of these questions is yes, then we can help.

We’ve faced all of these challenges before and can design and implement strategies, procedures and even the teams, to overcome them.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help